Fiber Optic Tools

Budco not only offers you quality fiber optic tools but security after the sale. For your protection, Budco keeps a record of each unique serial number on all 43-734 Taplock Cable Drop Tag shipments. Contact Budco for serial number verification.

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Fiber Optic Cable Marker
Snap-On Fiber Marker
Curb Marker - Underground Fiber & Cable
Marking Flags - Fiber, CATV, Cable
Enclosure Box - Fiber, Cable, Utility
Cleaner - Cable, Fiber
Soil Markers - Fiber, CATV
Flags - Marking, CATV, Fiber, Utility
Fiber Optic Cable Tools
Fiber Optic Cable Splice Closure
Fiber Optic Test Equipment
Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer
Fiber Connector Cleaners
Fiber Optic Tool Kits
Fiber Optic Strippers
Fiber Optic Cable Slitters
Fiber Optic Scissors and Knives
Fiber Optic Scribe
Fiber Optic Fault Locator and Identifiers
Fiber Optic Cleaver
Fiber Optic Power Meters
Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeves
Fiber Optic OTDRs
Fiber Optic Light Sources
Fiber Optic Inspection Scopes
Fiber Optic Sheave

Fiber Optic Tools

Budco is a marketing and distribution business for not only fiber optic tools, but also cable supplies, broadband installation tools, construction supplies, cable marking tags, drop identification and audit security products for the telecommunications industry. We represent the manufacturers whose products have built the telecommunications industry as we know it. Please click on our industry links tab to see our manufacturer partners.

Budco is a growing company thanks to the faithful support of our customers like you. We appreciate your business. Serving the telecommunications industry for over 40 years, Budco warehouses and distributes broadband products and fiber optic tools from our facility in Broken Arrow, OK.

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