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Jameson SHV-24 24" Aerial Buddy Fiber Optic Sheave

Product Code: 36-SHV-24
Mfg/Brand: Jameson
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Jameson's 24" Aerial Buddy fiber optic sheave is recommended for set up, take down and turns. Jameson's Aerial Buddy is designed to protect ADSS cable and other jacketed fiber during installation. Ideal for use with jacketed cables 2" or less in diameter and loads that don't exceed 1600 lbs. It's constructed with lightweight, reinforced polymer that weighs significantly less than aluminum and steel models; reducing installation fatigue and permitting one-man set up.


• Spring loaded cable guard (patented) eliminates delays caused by cable and pull tape derailing

• Lift hoist swivels 360o and rotates 180o for unrestricted mounting and maneuverability

• 2" opening allows pulling grips to pass through easily

• Easy latching mechanism for single-handed operation

• High strength, impact resistant unit is more durable than aluminum

• Chemical, UV, corrosion resistant construction for longer life

• Electrically insulated

• Self levels, strapping optional

• Weighs 40% less than lightest aluminum model

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