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Miller Ripley OTR VIS 400 HD Fiber Inspection Scope

Product Code: 37-VIS 400
Mfg/Brand: Miller Ripley
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Price: $995.00 Per EACH


Miller Ripley VIS 400 HDP Fiber Inspection Scope - Click here to watch video

The VIS 400-HDP inspection scope allows test technicians to inspect and grade fiber endfaces by offering the most detailed image possible. When used in conjunction with Miller Ripley's proprietary InSpec™ software the VIS 400 ensures compliance with the IEC 61300-3-35 standard.

Miller Ripley's software grades fiber ends based on the four critical zones outlined in the industry standard. Tapping or mousing over debris allows technicians to see details on each defect. The VIS 400's high-definition camera allows the software to distinguish defects as small as one micron, eliminating guesswork when determining endface acceptability.

The VIS 400 provides a high-definition image with a 860μm x 640μm field of view, allowing technicians to see debris outside IEC specified zones. Debris on the periphery of the fiber end should be cleaned to avoid migration during connector mating. This procedure allows technicians to ensure connectors are completely clean for the most reliable optical link.

The VIS 400-HDP kit contains connector cleaning tools for up to 500 cleanings and adapter tips for all the most popular connectors (LC, SC, 1.25mm and 2.5mm Universal), all packaged in a durable carry case.

  • Inspection probe only, plug into Windows PC with USB connection
  • Unique External Focus & Enhanced Magnification for Clear HD Images
  • Automated Analysis Compliant with IEC 61300-3-35 Standards
  • Includes interchangeable 1.25mm. 2.5mm, LC, SC Adapter Tips
  • Includes hard carrrying case with cleaning kit

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