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Tempo TV220 TDR For Cable Broadband

Product Code: 81-TV220
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Price: $4,503.43 Per EACH


High Voltage Tolerant:  Will not be damaged by high voltages (up to 400V (DC + peak AC).

High Bandwidth: Tests more of your system capacity enabling users to pinpoint the faults that can cause micro-reflections which can be damaging to digital transmissions.

High SNR: The TV220 also has extremely high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). Proprietary circuit design and software reduce the noise level so that bumps on the trace represent real faults, not just noise. Events previously difficult or impossible to find, are clearly visible with the TV220. This means that you can clearly see faults further away.

High-resolution performance allows the TV220 to locate problem components in the customer drop. The TV220 uses a pulse width of only 1ns, which means the operator can identify multiple events that are less than 2ft apart. This enables the technician to tell which of two components on a cable is causing the problem, even when they are close together. This is particularly important in troubleshooting drops, because components such as splitters and ground blocks can be closely spaced.

TestWizard Testing: The most innovative feature in the TV220 is TestWizard automated testing and event marking. Now, instead of meticulously setting up the TDR and then carefully interpreting the meaning of the displayed waveform, you push one button to get a high-resolution, low-noise trace, with the events clearly marked. This means substantial savings in training time and reduced time to get accurate, repeatable measurements.

  • The TDR for Digital Broadband Coax, finds faults other Cable Testers can't
  • TestWizard Testing - One-Button testing
  • Automatic Return Loss measurements
  • Automatic multiple event marking
  • High-Resolution, short Pulse width (1ns)
  • CE compliant
  • Rugged enough to withstand a 2 meter drop
  • Large, backlit, high-resolution display (640 X 440), 7.2" diagonal
  • Internal memory for 20 waveforms.
  • Long lasting, lightweight Lithium Ion battery