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Rhino Triview Marking PostBuried Cable Marker Post

Rhino 66" Triview Marker Post W/decal

Product Code: 77-TVF66-OB-D
Mfg/Brand: Rhino Markers
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This 66" Triview Marker Post is a triangular post provides visibility from all sides.  This marker post comes with 1 stock Warning Fiber Optic Cable decal (77-314FO-811) applied.  This post can be used with an anchor (Part # 77-TVFA) or buried directly into the soil. The Triview Marker Post will rebound after impacts by motor vehicles.  In areas where vegetation or snow covers up the marker we can offer the TriView Extension.  The extension can increase marker height up to 8 feet tall.  Please call 800-331-2246 or email us at with questions or for a quote.

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